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Category: Poetry

Christ Revealed

Christ was sent from God to Earth

A plan, a prophesy, a promise from birth

He bridged a gap from old to new

He brought a covenant from God that’s true

A promise to all who would believe

The Son of God should be received

Eternal life, a life to serve

Straight and narrow is what God deserves

The blind to see, a leper healed

Forgiveness, Love, is Christ revealed

A sacrifice, no other way

Nailed to the cross, my sin is paid

Darryl Hanks

Faith Is All I’ve Got

Let not your heart be troubled

Let faith carry the day

God’s grace is more than sufficient

Give all your cares away

Lessons learned the hard way

Senseless works for naught

When faith is all that’s needed

And faith is all I’ve got

Darryl Hanks

The Resurrection

Woman, why are you weeping?

Woman, who are you seeking?

A broken heart, life in despair

A joyful heart, my teacher’s here

Go tell the brethren, so they will know

That I was here, and I must go

To our FATHER, ascending high

To our LORD’s, sweet bye and bye

Before I go, remember this

Feed my sheep, is what I wish

Remember all I’ve shown to be

Faith, Hope, and Love, a gift from me

Darryl Hanks

When You’re Ready

At my desk, my pen in hand

Waiting, wondering, what’s God’s plan?

A calling came, that much I know

A need to share?  A need to go?

But where I ask?  What can I say?

Patience child, a piece of clay

Mold me Lord, please shape my heart

Mold me Lord, to play a part

Use me Lord, Your message heard

Use me Lord, to spread Your word

Darryl Hanks

O Happy Day!

While pipes sing out

Amazing Grace

Carry me to my final

resting place

Let my people

with their own hand

Bury me in

the family land

Next to my grandparents,

my mother, my brother

Where we have been laid

one after the other

That is where

my body shall stay

Until the blessed

judgment day

But do not mourn

or linger there

At the grave

you mark with care

For I am not in it

and that is a fact

My spirit is steady,

salvation intact

I’ve gone on to heaven

a place is prepared

To celebrate and worship

and wait for you there