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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Biblical Lessons From Three Dog Night

I was just three years old the day my Sunday school class was combined with the older kids’ class.  There weren’t enough little kids at church that day to have a separate class.  I was a bit apprehensive about going in with the bigger kids.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  In the little kids class we would color, maybe get to cut something out of construction paper, learn a bible story, and sing.  This big kids class had a totally different teacher.  Her name was Betty Pollard.  I was unsure of her knowledge of us little kids and our specific needs.  I worried that we wouldn’t fit in, or that it might just be a waste of time for me.  Betty got everybody arranged in their seats and quieted down for the day’s lesson.

Sewing Stitches and Sowing Seeds of God

I had my sigmoid colon removed after suffering with chronic diverticulitis in August of 2014.  The nine months prior had been filled with numerous trips to the emergency room, CT scans, antibiotics, painkillers, and a five-day hospital stay.  While my time in the hospital was about as lovely as it could be, it was my second hospital stay since I had been diagnosed with diverticulitis three years earlier.  I was tired of being sick and tired.   The sigmoidectomy had been done through a laparoscopic procedure and I was recovering quite nicely at home.  About eight days after the surgery, I began to notice some discomfort in my upper abdomen.  The pain became unbearable just after midnight on August 31st.  I had developed a blood clot in my portal vein.  

Christ Revealed

Christ was sent from God to Earth

A plan, a prophesy, a promise from birth

He bridged a gap from old to new

He brought a covenant from God that’s true

A promise to all who would believe

The Son of God should be received

Eternal life, a life to serve

Straight and narrow is what God deserves

The blind to see, a leper healed

Forgiveness, Love, is Christ revealed

A sacrifice, no other way

Nailed to the cross, my sin is paid

Darryl Hanks

Praying for Godly Wisdom

Dear Lord,

I pray to have Your wisdom to guide my life in all things.  I seek to be ever closer to You, and to have Your council in all that I do.  Be with me, and let me feel Your Holy Spirit as You draw me closer to You.

In Jesus Holy Name I ask these things,


My Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord help me to stay focused on who the real enemy is.  Help me to never lose sight of this, and always remember that You have all the power to destroy him.  He is weak and feeble, and You are the King of kings!


You Can Lick Anything!

I have been blessed enough to have traveled to Europe six times…so far.  Most of my adventures have been with students and teachers on educational tours.  I have seen many countries, great works of art, magnificent ruins, Gothic cathedrals, resting places of history’s mighty figures, battlefields where the future of the world was decided, and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, to name a few.  None of my trips were anything like my very first one.  For it was on that trip that I discovered I had a massive impulse to touch things.  I mean…massive.  Like, uncontrollable impulse.  In fact, I was literally unaware that I was even doing it until I had done it.

The Mark of The Lord

I come from a family of many colors.  On my mother’s side, we are Native American.  That rich, red blood, mixed with a wonderful variety of shades of white, provides for some beautiful skin tones ranging the spectrum from white to just left of black (that means not quite black for those of you struggling with the color spectrum).  So you get caramel…oooh, chocolate…yummy, a few pieces of divinity (the candy not the Creator)…mmm, and a couple of espresso lights thrown in there just for fun.  

Let God Lead Your Marriage

My husband and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary.  I am so proud of that!  In our world today, I think it’s a huge accomplishment.  I would just love to tell you that our marriage has followed a path lined with chocolate kisses and rose petals, but that would be a lie.  We are just like anybody else.  We have had struggles and hardships that have tested our union.  Even though, we love each other deeply, it wasn’t until we realized we needed to put God first in our lives, that a divine calmness came over us.  We are both saved, but we had spent much of our lives together letting everything else in the world get in the way of our service to the Lord.

No Greater Gift

Christmas is just such an awesome time!  The whole world seems to transform into a more wonderful place when it’s infected by the Christmas spirit.  There’s all the beautiful lights, spending time with family, decorating the tree, Christmas music, yada yada yada.  People just seem so much happier and friendlier during this time of year.  (For the most part).