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Daily Archives: November 26, 2016

God’s Plan

Dear Lord,

Help me to have faith that You are in control of my life.  Help me to recognize Satan’s attempts to sabotage my faith.  Give me the strength to drive him out of my thoughts so my true focus can be on You.  Let me live to serve You, oh Lord!

In Jesus Precious Name,


Faith Is All I’ve Got

Let not your heart be troubled

Let faith carry the day

God’s grace is more than sufficient

Give all your cares away

Lessons learned the hard way

Senseless works for naught

When faith is all that’s needed

And faith is all I’ve got

Darryl Hanks

The Resurrection

Woman, why are you weeping?

Woman, who are you seeking?

A broken heart, life in despair

A joyful heart, my teacher’s here

Go tell the brethren, so they will know

That I was here, and I must go

To our FATHER, ascending high

To our LORD’s, sweet bye and bye

Before I go, remember this

Feed my sheep, is what I wish

Remember all I’ve shown to be

Faith, Hope, and Love, a gift from me

Darryl Hanks

This Foggy Morning

Many people would consider a day like this, dreary, depressing, or even scary.  I find it beautiful and fascinating.  When the clouds lower themselves to be in among us, it’s ethereal.  The bible gives us many instances where God has dwelt among His people via cloud.