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Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

When You’re Ready

At my desk, my pen in hand

Waiting, wondering, what’s God’s plan?

A calling came, that much I know

A need to share?  A need to go?

But where I ask?  What can I say?

Patience child, a piece of clay

Mold me Lord, please shape my heart

Mold me Lord, to play a part

Use me Lord, Your message heard

Use me Lord, to spread Your word

Darryl Hanks

The Troubles of the Day

Dear Lord,

Please help me to put away the troubles of the day, so I may rejoice in You with the fullness of my heart.  Help me put You foremost in my thoughts, so I may draw ever closer to You.  This I pray dear Lord, so I may feel You in the flutter of my soul.

In Jesus Holy Name,